An evening inspired by patter songs from opera and operetta and featuring the popular
Gilbert and Sullivan characters.

Patter songs appear in every operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan, and are generally delivered
by the comic (or patter) baritone, be he Ko-Ko or Major-General Stanley, Jack Point or
The Lord Chancellor, Reginald Bunthorne or Sir Joseph Porter.

My professional connections with G&S date back to 1984 when I understudied Bunthorne for English National Opera; two years later I covered Ko-Ko for the company in their new Jonathan Miller production, and took over the role two years later; since then I have given over 150 performances of that production, mostly at the London Coliseum, but also at the Palafenice in
Venice, and at City Opera in New York. In 1988, I joined the 'new' D'Oyly Carte as patterman.

I first began entertaining audiences with As a Matter of Patter in the early nineties - my wife and I were asked to help raise funds for our children's schools, and we felt this was a sensible way to offer practical help. We so enjoyed these performances, that we decided to take it a stage further, and offer the programme to Music Clubs, Festivals and the like. We travelled far and wide with our original programme, and, when asked back to several venues, we felt that we should develop the evening. So, as well as the patter songs from the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas that inspired us initially, we have now added songs from Noel Coward, Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swann, Joseph Horovitz and Kurt Weill; our repertoire is continually expanding, even on the Sullivan front, where I have included songs from The Contrabandista and The Rose of Persia, both of which I have recorded recently.


With this expanded repertoire, we are able to tailor our programme to your needs; you might only need 20 minutes, or perhaps a full-length programme, or just entertainment between courses - the choice can be yours. We have included suggested programmes (click here) so that you might get an idea just what would suit your needs, and I am very happy to discuss the matter with you. My 'little lists' are legendary, and can include all your best friends...(see music)

The entertainment is spiced with anecdotes, dialogue and general patter
- as you might expect!

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