January 2017

Dear friends – I reached pensionable age last year, and although I do not intend to stop working, I mean to do a little less!

This plan has been helped by ENO who have had to postpone a short tour to Blackpool with The Mikado in May/June 2017 – they hope that this will now take place in the summer of 2018 to which I greatly look forward, as the keen reader will remember that this famous seaside resort is the town of my birth!

At the end of March I will join another river cruise on the Danube, run by Theatrical Adventures. It is a wonderful opportunity for G&S lovers to be together for a week. My sister Kathleen is coming too!

At the end of June I shall return to the Iford Festival with Charles Court Opera, singing Bartolo in The Barber of Seville.

On 12th July I shall rejoin the wondrous Diva Opera for a Gala performance in Jersey.

Looking forwards to April 2018 I shall be singing Candide again, in Toronto – just two concert performances with the Symphony Orchestra under Bramwell Tovey.

And who knows, more Mikados later in the year...?!!



“They’d none of ‘em be missed”

--here’s a source of innocent merriment for all G&S fans – The Stage August 2008
--this lavishly-illustrated book—The Stage
--with a combination of waspish wit and obvious genuine respect for the original, the result is a delightful couple of hours chortling to oneself—The Stage

--a delightful volume, and I cannot imagine any G&S enthusiast who would not want to have a copy—Gilbert and Sullivan News Spring 2008-08-30
--it is also an amusing review of recent political scandal and sleaze –John Allison in The Sunday Telegraph 24 February 2008

I first sang Ko-Ko for English National Opera in 1988, and to celebrate my first 20 years, I have cast my mind back over some of those ‘Society Offenders’ whom I have included; 192 pages in full colour! – Written with ASH Smyth and published by Pallas Athene, it was launched seven years ago; twenty years of my lists are condensed into a dozen chapters, and there are guest lists – Tim Rice, Jeff Randall and the great American poet John Hollander are among those who have offered their parodies, as well as many well loved G&S enthusiasts. Nicholas Garland has allowed me to reprint one of his famous cartoons of Margaret Thatcher with her ‘list,’ and there are many other illustrations and cartoons – I promise you, there are some fascinating surprises!

Cover price is £12.99, but signed copies are available from me at £10.00 INCLUDING postage and packing (UK); (ISBN 978 1 84368 036 9).

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